AKB wishes you all a Merry Solstice & Xmas…

Active Kids Books

Merry Xmas and Happy Solstice

We look forward to sharing the ‘Love of Story’ with more awesome kids in 2015…

You, Me and Victoria’s children..

The intention has been sent for a book tour/ motivational speaking/ sharing story sessions with Victorian children come Sept. 2015. Looking for contacts now!

Off the back of a successful, liberating and rewarding WA Book Tour, the wheels are in motion to do it all again.  Only this time in the state of Victoria, my birth state. As Guest Author/ Motivational Speaker, i look to WOW the young audience and leave them 1. motivated to share/ write/ tell/ read story!  2.Increase a child’s ‘Sense of Selfworth’ towards those that find literacy difficult, as i share my own dyslexic upbringing.  3. Share the Love of Story by reading one of my book titles & listen to a sample bunch of students creative text.  4. Give everyone time, a positive role model & healthy messages to take home.

And YOU can help… If your in Victoria, please help me help the children you know and love. Contact your local school or library and suggest they host my dynamic side-show (also know as Guest Author/ Motivational Speaker) in Sept. 2015.

I look forward to meeting you in your home town of Victoria!

Sincerely yours, CHaD

St Mary’s College win me over

The last stop of the WA tour, and my heart was won over by the students at St Mary’s College. With a strong percentage of indigenous students, mixed with an imaginative healthy bunch all round. I was struck by their enthusiasm and excitement to get involved. Attention was high, smiles large. I had them in the cup of my hand. From start to finish, we connected over story!

Beautiful times.


Broome locals come on down!!!


ABC Publishes my Writing

ABC Open – Stories about peoples Day Jobs (Click on link) – https://open.abc.net.au/explore/72xl6fb

Tail end of ‘Ice-Cream’ tale

#Children's Author

Active Kids Books delivers free ice-cream (theatrically).

As with all ‘guest author’ appearances I do. I tend to throw my whole self into delivering an engaging fun exciting session.

Parabadoo primary today was no different. Starting with 6-8min theatrical story, I finally introduce myself as someone who loves to READ stories, WRITE stories and TELL stories…

For the LOVE of story, you can sample (teaser) my work via this video.

Make note, my 7yr old daughter did the recording on my iPhone. Capturing the tail end of a ‘hero’s journey’, a tale about over coming hurdles/ challenges to consume all the FREE ice-cream one could possible eat in one day!

Thanks for having me Parabadoo. Enjoy your holidays!!!


For the Love of Story – Kalbarri Primary

On Tuesday 10th June, the WA Tour branched away from the iconic coastal scrub that Aussie author Tim Winton best describes. Away from the walking, sight-seeing and surfing to visit the joyous kids of Kalbarri Primary School.

Being a guest at this school was insightful for all involved. I enjoyed listening and learning from the children as much as their smiles and enthusiasm awarded me the attention I received.

Next school visit; Parabadoo Primary near the amazing Karajini National Park.





Story Time was captured by a friend…

Story Time was sweet and delightful. It took me back to the world of ‘Wheels on the bus’, ‘If your happy and you know it’ and ‘The great big elephant is so slow’…What i was invited for, was a little contemporary injection. Reading Skate Session to many smiling cute faces and young parents in Margs.

Special thanks to my new friend and WA local; Mandy Collinson, for coming along in support and taking these pics as seen here.

Next stop, Kalbarri Primary School…YEW!!!

AKB now on shelves@AugustaMargaretRiver Library

Augusta Margaret River Shire Library NOW stocks ActiveKidsBooks on its shelves...

After an eery early morning surf @ Gracetowns South Point, where one of the recent shark attacks went down. Did i mention i was out there alone for the first hour, before a great guy by the name of Rob paddled out. And it just so happened Rob assisted the shark bitten surfer out of the water that day. He conducted CPR for 40min on him. Yet, not the result all of humanity would ask of their friend or loved one, yet it was real. And it was the bravery of Rob & his mates, not to pull the victim out of the water in the first place, but to be the first two surfers to paddle out for a wave the next day. They decided to take this action as a way of lifting the dark cloud that hung over the area and its people. And as Rob says, there has been 5 attacks in the last ten years and thousands of surfers in the water every day. The passion and joy one gets from riding a wave far out ways the small chance of being bitten by a Noah.

Besides the noah story, i was pleased at the support and love i received from the local library here in Margies. Not only have they purchased a copy of each book title, but they really did look after me in whatever way they could. So a big heart felt thank-you go to the librarians on the day.

Kind local librarians and opportunities a match. As synchronistically i walked in as weekly sheduled Story Time had just finished. And unbeknown to everyone, next Tuesday’s Story Time might see me grace the chair. As MR library may have a guest author read them an action-adventure tale that the local kids and their parents will enjoy I’m sure!

See ya there if your in the area…



The Raw Truth@The Margaret River Writers Fest


'The Raw Truth'...my submission MargaretRiverWriterFest Poetry Slam!

My submission into the Margaret River Poetry Slam


Supporting fellow surf write & legend Nick Carroll!!!

The journey of a World Class Surfer

Literally, Spiritually, Passionately i fulfil the festivals theme of 'Journey' on the WA Tour...

The Yallingup statue, representing the proud surf culture & history of the South West area...

We are pleased to say, the Margaret River Writers Festival officially kicks off the #ActiveKidsBooks Tour of Western Australia. Look out kids, here we come!!! Yippy…

So as one event comes to a close, symbiotically another takes its first breath. And before long, I will be passing on the torch to the work force at the Kimberley Writers Festival come late July 2014. With many schools and fun to be had in-between. Before we head off, I’d like to personally thank Nick Carroll for the literary gift he kindly signed for me at the MRWF. As one author to another, i’ve invested in a good book i just know it. As i grew up with #TomCarroll, in which the book is based on, as being a World Champion Surfer and one to watch with amazement! The book will be my reading material for the next couple of months as i travel in the recently purchased Landcruiser!

And to talk briefly about my Poetry Slam experience. Not a genre i generally find myself writing or delivering in public. Yet, it ended up being the only opportunity i had to speak with the literary folk of the area. So i blew caution to the wind, got busy writing 5 days before hand and gave it my best shot. I managed to get a 9/10 from one judge, yet i struggled to remember the entire poem and to really do it justice. It was fun all the same, but not to joke with you i was also super nervous. What it offered was a deadline, somewhat boxed the wild imagination in with faded grey boundaries yet a whole lot of freedom to creative play with words! BOOm thats why i went for it!

Before i go, i encourage you to say hello if you see me in the streets (or out in the surf). And to also have your children write to me, let them tell me what they think of AKB stories etc. I’m promoting old school snail mail over email, but everything and anything is great for their literary development.

Go well and lets pray for swell!!!