As research shows, stories written in a fun rhyming style are beneficial for kids and Skate Session is no exception. This book encapsulates an action-adventure story combined with captivating illustrations. The moral of wearing a helmet is addressed but most importantly, this book promotes the message ‘no matter how small one may be or one may feel, there is always one big adventure that can unfold close to home.


Another contemporary action-adventure story, Surf Safari brings surfing to young kids. When the humans go away, the creatures go out and play. However, like every surfers worst scenario & and the waves aren’t in motion! So do the creatures really surf? Or, do they just dream of surfing like the young audience after reading this book.


Shredding Snow is the latest in our series and a good sign that their is still plenty of adventures to be had. When the humans go away, the creatures will play and that exactly what the fun young creatures do. Offering authentic cutting-edge illustrations with a fun flowing story to be enjoyed by awesome parents and cool kids. This series has been influenced by muti-award winning children’s author and fan of ours;  Lynley Dodd. And edited by past Children’s Book Council Australia’s mastermind Dr. Virginia Lowe, who once again gives her endorsement along with Olympic coach; Tom Willmott.

  • Good wholesome entertainment, with a touch of RADical for kids. We aim to inspire children to DREAM BIG and live a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Active Kids Books  promote physical activity and literacy, helping curve the obesity crisis and get boys into reading.
  • Created for rad kids, awesome parents and cool groovy grandparents.
  • Active Kids Books’ first publication was first launched at The Byron Bay Writers Festival 2009.
  • Active Kids Books have been endorsed by famous authors, professional athletes and CBCA judges.
  • Distributed by Australia’s largest independent distributor and Dennis Jones and Associates.

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