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Gifting Fiji Kids our books instead of pulping

Active Kids Books donated to charity

Active Kids Books donate to charity; Fiji Book Drive

Yesterday’s decision went like this. I had two choices and one decision to make;
1. to have leftover stock returned to me (ActiveKidsBooks that didn’t sell).
2. Or, turn the leftover stock/ books, into pulp (“nooooo”, my mind screamed).

Not liking either option, I created a third. The result,  ‪#‎ActiveKidsBooks‬ leftover stock/ books is now being donated to the Fiji Book Drive (https://www.facebook.com/Fijibookdrive).

I’d love to one day, take the journey to meet the recipients. Will you join me???

Happy story time kids!!!


ByronBayWritersFestivalIn a terrifying yet sort after pursuit, i was delighted to come away with the win!!! The Australian Poetry Slam (#ByronBay), which is hosted by the #ByronBayWritersFestival, allows anyone the opportunity to share their written work verbally to a live audience. Otherwise known as #SpokenWord .

An #ABC journalist took me aside straight after the event, and did a good job at capturing the emotion that was pulsing through my body. Here is the link, i need not say anymore. Except – YEW!!!

Banksy Does NY, We Do Banksy

Blending the inspiration gained from world famous artist Banksy and his latest film – Banksy Does New York. Plus, my families passion for creativity and our idea to ‘Banksy bomb’ (similar to photo bombing, only we’re evolving an existing Banksy art piece & re-sharing ) his work. We’ll, see for yourself with the photos attached. And please understand, there is a piece of Banksy (by spirit, influence or mere thought) in every ActiveKidsBook we create!

20150502-022023 20150502-022054 20150502-022122 20150502-022324


20150502-022135 20150502-022151 20150502-022215 20150502-022252 20150502-022350

AKB on show @ Rip Curl Pro Bells

Its exciting, so exciting and so happening right now. #ActiveKidsBooks are heading down to the oldest surf contest in history, Rip Curl Bells Pro (http://www.ripcurl.com.au/index.php?aboutbells). World Surf League Commissioner; Kieren Perrow (as seen in photo), is helping me share the love with the elite surfing family and their own immediate families this year.  Identifying that a bunch of the professional surfers now tour with their young families, i thought who else would benefit more from Children’s Books such as ‘Surf Safari’ then these passionate surf devoted parents. I see it as a donation of literature, one that offers entertainment for those on the side line. And one that i can share my passion and love for the ocean with other like minded parents…Kieren has been kind enough to do so, as I’ve been coaching his son football for a number of years now.


AKB gets involved with Saltiest

Continuing to create & share, a couple of old surfboards got turned into chalkboards and left out for creative play!

Getting involved with Saltfest as a volunteer, I was blessed to meet so many beautiful people, share my books and encourage everyone & anyone to draw/ write/ scribble on the surfboards…





AKB wishes you all a Merry Solstice & Xmas


We look forward to sharing the ‘Love of Story’ with more awesome kids in 2015…

You, Me and Victoria’s Children

The intention has been sent for a book tour/ motivational speaking/ sharing story sessions with Victorian children come Sept. 2015. Looking for contacts now!

Awesome-kids-authorOff the back of a successful, liberating and rewarding WA Book Tour, the wheels are in motion to do it all again.  Only this time in the state of Victoria, my birth state. As Guest Author/ Motivational Speaker, i look to WOW the young audience and leave them 1. motivated to share/ write/ tell/ read story!  2.Increase a child’s ‘Sense of Selfworth’ towards those that find literacy difficult, as i share my own dyslexic upbringing.  3. Share the Love of Story by reading one of my book titles & listen to a sample bunch of students creative text.  4. Give everyone time, a positive role model & healthy messages to take home.

And YOU can help… If your in Victoria, please help me help the children you know and love. Contact your local school or library and suggest they host my dynamic side-show (also know as Guest Author/ Motivational Speaker) in Sept. 2015.

I look forward to meeting you in your home town of Victoria!

Sincerely yours, CHaD

St Mary’s College Win Me Over

The last stop of the WA tour, and my heart was won over by the students at St Mary’s College. With a strong percentage of indigenous students, mixed with an imaginative healthy bunch all round. I was struck by their enthusiasm and excitement to get involved. Attention was high, smiles large. I had them in the cup of my hand. From start to finish, we connected over story!

Beautiful times.


Broome Locals Come on Down!!!


Tale End of Ice Cream Tale


As with all ‘guest author’ appearances I do. I tend to throw my whole self into delivering an engaging fun exciting session.

Parabadoo primary today was no different. Starting with 6-8min theatrical story, I finally introduce myself as someone who loves to READ stories, WRITE stories and TELL stories…

For the LOVE of story, you can sample (teaser) my work via this video.

Make note, my 7yr old daughter did the recording on my iPhone. Capturing the tail end of a ‘hero’s journey’, a tale about over coming hurdles/ challenges to consume all the FREE ice-cream one could possible eat in one day!

Thanks for having me Parabadoo. Enjoy your holidays!!!


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