Chad Kolcze – Author/ Publicist

Being a lover of all things colourful & vibrant, the idea of inspiring kids to DREAM BIG and live a healthy active lifestyle is what resinates with me most. And its through motivational speaking at schools & writing children’s books that allows me to live this life.

I was born a dyslexic middle child of the 70′s. As you could imagine, this had its challenges. However, like Richard Branson, the fall back was a heightened right brain that accelerated creative thinking, triggered determination and inspired entrepreneurial talents. After a successful career as a professional snowboarder and surfer in younger years, I now enjoys sharing these talents & knowledge with younger generations. The idea of inspiring kids to DREAM BIG and live a healthy active lifestyle is why i now exist.

Meaning of my work: Believing in the power of positive role modelling, i strive hard to walk my talk and live an authentic lifestyle.  Undertaking physical adventures and creative endeavours, keeps my dreams alive and helps to inspiring others to follow.  Strong focus is directed toward health & literacy, as these areas i have studies, work within and experience as a loving father.

Life experiences & Influences on my work: As the publisher and author of, i have developed a prominent career in and outside of children’s literacy. Now also, as a motivational speaker for children, i lead a career thats diverse and interesting. This has all been thanks to a background as a PDHPE teacher, professional athlete and loving father.

Jeremy Austin – Illustrator/ Designer

Jeremy has found the balance between passion and career. He is an avid skate rat, salty surfer and all round fun creative guy. He draws, prints, paints, makes animations and his work speaks for itself.