The Raw Truth@The Margaret River Writers Fest


'The Raw Truth' submission MargaretRiverWriterFest Poetry Slam!

My submission into the Margaret River Poetry Slam


Supporting fellow surf write & legend Nick Carroll!!!

The journey of a World Class Surfer

Literally, Spiritually, Passionately i fulfil the festivals theme of 'Journey' on the WA Tour...

The Yallingup statue, representing the proud surf culture & history of the South West area...

We are pleased to say, the Margaret River Writers Festival officially kicks off the #ActiveKidsBooks Tour of Western Australia. Look out kids, here we come!!! Yippy…

So as one event comes to a close, symbiotically another takes its first breath. And before long, I will be passing on the torch to the work force at the Kimberley Writers Festival come late July 2014. With many schools and fun to be had in-between. Before we head off, I’d like to personally thank Nick Carroll for the literary gift he kindly signed for me at the MRWF. As one author to another, i’ve invested in a good book i just know it. As i grew up with #TomCarroll, in which the book is based on, as being a World Champion Surfer and one to watch with amazement! The book will be my reading material for the next couple of months as i travel in the recently purchased Landcruiser!

And to talk briefly about my Poetry Slam experience. Not a genre i generally find myself writing or delivering in public. Yet, it ended up being the only opportunity i had to speak with the literary folk of the area. So i blew caution to the wind, got busy writing 5 days before hand and gave it my best shot. I managed to get a 9/10 from one judge, yet i struggled to remember the entire poem and to really do it justice. It was fun all the same, but not to joke with you i was also super nervous. What it offered was a deadline, somewhat boxed the wild imagination in with faded grey boundaries yet a whole lot of freedom to creative play with words! BOOm thats why i went for it!

Before i go, i encourage you to say hello if you see me in the streets (or out in the surf). And to also have your children write to me, let them tell me what they think of AKB stories etc. I’m promoting old school snail mail over email, but everything and anything is great for their literary development.

Go well and lets pray for swell!!!



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  1. Mum

    Chad you are awesome, good on you mate. You love a challenge and to get 9/10 from a judge is fantastic when you have not put lots of time into it. So proud of you mate. Keep safe and healthy.
    Love always
    Mum xxx

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