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The short story of an Independent Publisher.

 I try and try and try some more, to find and entertain young audience around  the  world. Being the person i am, an Indie Artist with passion and drive, i’ve  created the  product and now i try and try and try to share/ sell my gift with the  nation.

A lot of time and energy gets spent trying to circulate my gifts with the nation,  for  little financial return. This would have me down-in-the-dumps for longer  than the  emotional wave flows though me, if it wasn’t for the currency of love  and praise. I’m  so very proud of what i’ve created and it’s empowering when  people praise my work,  praise the choice Jeremy and i made to include all the  unique authentic qualities you  see in #SurfSafari #SkateSession #ShreddingSnow (www.ActiveKIdsBooks.com).

Active Kids Books (AKB), is popular within young families and has sold small quantities of its books around the world (generally through knowing me personally). We can boast that our books are distributed by Aust. leading indie distributor; Dennis Jones and Associates, yet they struggle against the big publishing houses like Scholastic, Random etc. And reality shows, AKB will be the flavour of the month (3wks to be precise), when first launched then back listed forever after. However, being who i am and somewhat enjoying the creative game that now exists with marketing. It’s this game (as i see it), I come to write this blog in reflection to some of the more courageous and creative ways i’ve shared my gifts of late.

AKB’s whole budget (not that i ever had a budget, just a dream and personal savings), has been spent on illustrations, publishing books and creating this website for blogging etc. So i have had to be creative and clever in my marketing/ promotional campaigns. Continually scheming of new ways to have my books seen or known to beautiful mums/ awesome dads/ rad + geeky kids and cool groovy grandparents.

It was most likely these groovy grandparents that witnessed the inside toilet door AKB flyers, created for the 2012 Byron Bay Writers Festival. Sharing the news of our newly released kids book ‘Shredding Snow’, with a target bunch of literary folk at this acclaimed festival in my home town. What no one knew (till now), is the financial saving i made on reduced entry fee and level of effort i went to in the name of promotion. As i snuck in the back-way of the festival, after wading through the high tidal ocean, climbed a large sand dune to get a look in and casually walked through the staff entrance at the back of the festival. Mean while my heart was racing out of control, yet the sense of responsibility towards providing for my family was ever greater and so i breathed through it.

Sticking with the four day long Byron Bay Writers Festival. In 2011 i talked a few friends into joining me, as we chalk stenciled AKB illustrations and inspirational messages on the pavement around town. Yet, its the more the recent gorilla marketing undertakings that i see as funny and a step up from innocent chalk stencils. Besides the ‘self challenging – physical efforts‘ of skateboarding six marathons in seven days, as carried out in 2011 with the ‘Life’s Awesome‘ campaign. It’s been the little house of books, Paper Aeroplane shop window placement and the most recently a thank-you on the walls of local library that have lead me to write about it all.

I try and i try and i try to work with the libraries governance, receiving encouragement and support from the ground but nothing eventuating or unfolding from higher authorities. Nothing, not a ‘no’ and not a ‘yes’, to the addition of my ‘congratulations letter’ for the new library’s opening. In which several other authors do feature. So to let you in on a secret. I recently went and added this ‘congratulations letter’ i had created several months earlier, to the relevant wall dedicated to these framed notes of appreciation. And yes, i had to take down existing framed feature to replace it with mine. I felt like world renowned artist; Bansky.

Now unlike Banksy, i’m not saying my actions are commendable. Nor do i see them as anarchy or wrong, just a single soul striving to make a go of life. And to share all this, you will make your own judgment if i’ve crossed lines or not. I’m here mealy sharing the story of my life’s journey, as i continue to play the game as an Indie Publisher.

So what’s next as an Indie Publisher of Active Kids Books? How do i create new accounts, share my playful literature with the nation and feed my passion + family?

‘A good old fashioned XMAS SALE – thats how’. 

If your looking for a colourful educational gifts this year, jump online and take advantage of my spontaneous 40% off special www.ActiveKidsBooks.com/sales 

Now, its with great pleasure i get to thank everyone who has supported AKB so far. I am super grateful and delighted to know that my gifts are shared. And feel its a win-win bond that will last as long as the book exists.

Awesomely yours,

CHa:D Kolcze

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